Four years ago I came up with a bowl system. I was tired of throwing money at bowl games. Bowl games are a completely different animal than regular season games. Some teams take them seriously, some not so much. You have injuries, people coming back off of injuries, coaching changes, you name it. In the end most people wind up over analyzing bowl games and pay the price, I know I did. Still I felt there had to be some way to make sense of it all.

I have been running my own personal spreadsheets on college football since 2009. It is almost against my nature to believe in a system but I don’t know what else to call it. But the one thing that you have at the end of a season that you do not have at the beginning of a season is relevant statistics. You have at least 12 games on which to base your decisions. That is a solid body of work and the statistics come from the NCAA itself so they are certified so to speak.

Now weeding through all those facts and figures is the secret but I have managed to come up with a system that has hit 60% or better in each of the past three years. I am in my late sixties. I used to handicap and bet horse racing. I apply the same attention to detail that I applied to reading and interpreting a racing form to my football statistics. I have even experimented with bucking my system but in the end 60% plus is hard to beat.
Last bowl season I started off with 5 straight winners. The system has never had more than 3 straight losers. I have combined my preferred picks on parlays and like a trifecta in horse racing have managed to bet a little to win a lot. I will share my parlays also.

So jump on board. The price is right and the system works. Have fun watching the bowls this year and make it worth your while at the same time.

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